Friday, March 13, 2015

"St. Fratty's Day" Mess

Thats right-a roof collapsed at a part some were calling "St. Fratty's Day" sending seven to the paramedics, one with an debris-impaled leg, according to CBS News San. Fransico. How did this happen? Keep reading to find out!
In the 300 block of Hathaway Avenue around 6:00 am, over 1,500 students from California Polytechnic University were at the party, most wearing green. A few dozen of these on top of a rented garage. Minutes later, around 6:21 am the garage roof collapsed, injuring about 7. One described from in the garage, that there was some creaking noises, then classmates came tumbling through the roof. 3 only ended up being arrested, unrelated to the party

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