Thursday, April 23, 2015

Run, Run, Run!

The San Luis Obispo Marathon is coming up this weekend, April 24-26. 

There will be a 5K, full marathon, half marathon, "fun run", and a kid's quarter mile dash. The full marathon consists of and energy-straining 26.2 miles! Of course, the half marathon is 13.1 miles. The fun run is one mile. 

Anyone can join, and the maps, registration, and all information about it are online at

A New Instrument!

San Luis Coastal Unified District just got a new Bassoon!

A wooden Fox bassoon was purchased for San Luis Obispo High school. It has a high-quality case with backpack straps, a rain cover, cleaning swabs, a neck strap, and two bocals.

It's crafted from beautiful red-tinted wood, and has silver keys. It has a whisper key lock as well. 

Imagine what beautiful students could produce with this instrument!