Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Little Too Fast

PHOTO: Emergency personnel work the scene of a train wreck, May 12, 2015, near Philadelphia.A Train clocked at 106 miles per hour at 9:21 pm on May 12, 2015 derailed while going around a corner. The speed limit on the straightaway previous to that bend was said to be 70 miles per hour, and the corner was 50. The engineer claims to not recall the incident. He remembers a place similar to right before the bend, but the next thing he new, he was being tossed around. He has a concussion, and 14 staples in his head. The train was brand new, about a year old, and the tracks were checked just the day before. Over 200 were injured, and 10 in critical condition. 5 died on the scene, and two later in the hospital. Lets hope things are prevented in the future, as train cars should not roll over like toys.